The Toronto Screening of “The Cosmonaut”

WHEN: May 19, 2013. 8pm

WHAT: Film screening, costume contest, drinks, food, friends. The film’s official site is here.

WHO: Astrophiles, sci-fi nerds, partygoers, aspiring filmmakers and underdog backers. (19+ !!!)


WHERE: Izakaya Sushi House (294 College St.)

PLEASE spread the word, share it with people, invite them to the Facebook event, and bring your friends!

Follow us on Twitter @TOcosmonaut for news and updates!

The Trailer 

The Story

The first recruits to the Soviet space program knew what they were signing up for: the chance to be pioneers, to be the first men in space. But they also knew the dangers of the mission. If anything went wrong, they would not only almost certainly die, but their names would also never be made public. Two friends, one girl, and one of them is chosen to be the first to the Moon.

The Production

This film is feature-length (close to 2 hours), and you can see from the trailer that it does not shy away from visual effects. It was shot on a budget of close to 1 million Euro, the vast majority of which was crowd-funded, with over 4500 backers. This is an experiment in community filmmaking. Creative-commons licensed, this film will be free to distribute, to remix and to derive from, the Cosmonaut’s revenue is generated from screenings such as this one, from DVD sales and from their K-Pass, granting access to 32 additional mini episodes and an immersive transmedia experience.

A word on the production team:

The Screening

In addition to showing the film, the screening will be an experience: a chance to hang out with other likeminded folks, to grab a drink or a bite, to chat about the movie before and after, and to win some great costume prizes.

The Costume Contest

There will be two costume categories, and in each a single winner will be chosen by popular vote. The categories are:

Space Pioneer (realistic). The costumes in this category should be reflective of man’s actual space achievements to date. Bonus points if you can answer the skill-testing question “Who is Cmdr. James Lovell?” This category’s grand prize is a secret, but it will blow your space-memorabilia-loving socks off!


Sci-Fi (everything else). Star Wars, Star Trek, StarCraft, Firefly, Alien, ALF, 2001…this category is a tribute to our boundless imagination when confronted with the potential of space travel and the incredible art we have produced on the topic. The prizes in this category will be vintage Star Trek gear from this pile:

2013-04-07 15.06.22



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